3 Reasons To Book An Equine Bluebell Photoshoot

by Lotte Simons
3rd April 2019

My favourite aspect of spring is the variety of floral displays and the fleeting photo opportunities they provide. One of the most spectacular blooms to utilise are the seasonal bluebells that carpet our woodlands from mid April to early May. Here are three reasons to jump at the opportunity to book a bluebell shoot for your horse this year.


Fairytale Photo Opportunities

Who doesn’t want a photo of their horse that looks like they’re made of magic and a creation of pure imagination? There is a notably mystical atmosphere to our woodlands as the birthplace of much folklore and setting for legendary fables, many of which relate directly to horses. Mythical creatures that embody their appearance, such as unicorns and centaurs, have elevated the status of horses as magical animals which means when we photograph them in this very apt fairytale setting we create imagery that is inherently whimsical and appears to be something of a fairytale.


The Magnificence of Nature

This beautiful and unique landscape is right on our doorstep and I don’t think we should be overlooking it! Whilst the seas of colourful crops sweep through the countryside during the summer months, the theatre we are treated to by mother nature with its carpet of wildflowers is truly something to be marvelled at. The fact that these are not manufactured by humans really adds gravitas for me and makes them all the more special to photograph in.

The Best Time of Year

This time of year is perfect for taking photos in the woods. The trees are still in bud which allows ample amounts of light to reach the woodland floor. Once the trees begin to develop a dense canopy of leaves later in the season, the lighting conditions below become far more challenging to work with and I believe it is always easier to work with nature rather than fight against it. One really effective technique for creating that whimsical quality to the photos is by backlighting them. This is where the key light source, in this case sunlight, is behind the horse and we set up the camera to correctly expose the darker subject in the forefront. As a result it overexposes the background slightly which creates a really bright and airy photo.

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