5 Highlights for My Equine Photography Business in 2019

by Lotte Simons
30th December 2019

A year of growth in equine photography

2019 has seen my business grow in leaps and bounds with some personal highs worth celebrating. From returning to Hickstead for the first time since my internship, to simply creating photos i’ve had on the back burner for years. In this post I’ve highlighted a few favourite stand out moments of 2019.

Badminton Horse Trials

This year I had the opportunity to photograph my first 5* competition under press accreditation at Badminton Horse Trials. Not only was this my first time seeing the infamous eventing course in person, the press pass made it that much sweeter. Working as a member of the press grants unique access to events, getting up close and personal with the action and athletes. Plus, the camaraderie in a press room has always brought that extra bit of enjoyment to equestrian sport. Being surrounded by the top riders, passionate about the sport, as well as class photographers and journalists who are equally as passionate about capturing and reporting it, is an inspiring circle to find yourself in.

Dita’s Studio Portraits

It’s not often I have the opportunity to see a project all the way through to completion. Often once the digital files are delivered to clients they will source printing and framing themselves. For this reason it was a real pleasure to be able to take control of the process on these portraits and produce the absolute best quality fine art prints for Dita’s owner. Plus delivering them personally and sharing the reveal with her was icing on the cake. I’ve written a more in depth post about this commission in the recent blogpost Creating A Long Awaited Fine Art Portrait.

An Evening At The Beach With Todd

The desire to create a photo of a horse among the Kentish white cliffs spent many years as a mental note. In June this year I finally brought it to fruition with the help of SG Equestrian and their handsome cob, Todd. The light we had to work with on this evening was beautiful pinky hues and painterly soft tones. Todd fulfilled the role perfectly and was a complete diamond to work with. A summer evening at the beach, combining my love for the coast with my passion for horses is always going to be a highlight in my books.

Business Coaching With Tara Punter PR Ltd

In spring I decided to invest in myself and booked a coaching course with Tara Punter PR. Working with Tara to strategise my marketing completely altered my mindset towards my business. The positivity Tara injected into my workflow and the clarity she brought to decision making have been crucial. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time and care put into our coaching sessions to set me up for long term success.

My Incredible Clients

I’ve been incredibly luckily to produce photos for fantastic clients that have been so supportive of my work. There’s no bigger display of your appreciation for what I do than investing in my services. Spreading joy with my photography really does make all the hard work worth while. I couldn’t do what I love unless people are willing to book photoshoots so a big heartfelt thank you to all of my incredible clients, both new and long standing for your support in 2019.

Looking Forward to 2020

Looking ahead to 2020 I feel inspired and optimistic to further my equine photography career. I believe as humans we have an incredible connection with horses and it is truly a privilege to work with these beautiful animals.

If you would like to work with me in 2020, either personally or professionally, i’d love to hear from you.


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