A Creative Approach To Stud & Sales Photography

by Lotte Simons
15th March 2019

When we think of stud photography or sales images, we often picture just the essential components of conformation and headshots. I try to provide my clients with that little bit more and get them thinking more creatively about their horses and the images they use to advertise them. I think it’s really important to photograph each horse in a way that encapsulates some part of their personality, it’s portraiture after all, the most evocative photographs do much more than simply record appearances.

This is a key point for consideration. A potential buyer doesn’t see just another horse, this will be their team mate and a part of the family, they will develop an emotional and sentimental relationship with this horse so I believe an important role of photography is to kick start that emotive response. How often have you heard “It was love at first sight?” we have to acknowledge that someone will love this horse for who they are or what they are capable of as well as outside appearances and it is absolutely possible to communicate this character through photography. We all recognise a photo of a cheeky pony!

This is why when undertaking stud and sales commissions, I encourage clients to consider dedicating a little time to just making beautiful portraits of their horse. This more relaxed approach to the portraiture allows the horse some space to be themselves and through working creatively we can inject personality and emotion into the images. In my experience it has been these more captivating and unique portraits that have drawn people in to make enquiries. The formal portraits are a necessity but i’m here to provide you that little “je ne sais quoi” to your campaign.

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