Meet the Photographer


Being an equine photographer more at home in a field full of foals than a room full of people, words don’t come naturally but photos always have. Based in Kent, I photograph horses throughout the UK and work with everything from family ponies to Grand Prix stallions. Bringing beautiful equine portraits into the homes of their owners.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

My true love for photography comes from sharing it and the power a good image has to move us. Towards joy, to take action, to tears. I will spend time getting to know your horse and your story so I can let my camera do the talking. 

What To Expect


How To Book
To book a photoshoot simply get in touch. We will discuss your preferred style and the images you’d really like captured before arranging a suitable date. I prefer to photograph during early morning or late evening for the quality of daylight. However this isn’t fixed and we can arrange any time to suit you. Your booking is secured upon payment of your invoice.
Preparing For Your Shoot
A questionnaire is included with your booking confirmation. You’re invited to share a little about you, your horse and history together. This helps me begin to understand your personalities and relationship, guiding how to best highlight these in your photos. It’s really helpful to have one or two friends assisting during your photoshoot. It makes posing your horse much easier and a friendly face on set can help you feel more relaxed having your photo taken. Groom your horse and clean any tack, making sure it’s fitted correctly.
During Your Photoshoot
Before we begin, we’ll decide where we will be photographing. Areas with good lighting and clean compositions. I take a very laid back approach to working with horses. Allowing your horse to stand and express themselves naturally before encouraging the behaviours which create compelling images. For horse & owner portraits, i’ll ask you to follow their lead. Focus on your horse and interact with them as you normally would. I guarantee there are beautiful photos in those little moments.
Ordering Your Photos
Your photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery. You’ll need to register your email address and create a password to access them. Narrow down your favourite photos by adding/removing them from your selections. Once you’ve made your final choice, you can order either digital or printed copies. All prints are provided with the digital counterpart. Your chosen photos will be carefully retouched before being delivered to you.