Photoshoots 26th March 2021 Professional Horse Photography in Kent
A Perfect Backdrop For Beautiful Equine Photos The only thing that can improve a landscape, is a horse. With professional horse photography in Kent and the beautiful scenery it has to offer, there’s no need to keep your equine photoshoot at the yard. I've seen enough "five bar gate photos" to last me a lifetime. ...
Photography Photoshoots 18th November 2020 The Gift Of Photography

I truly believe photography is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can provide for someone. Whether booking a professional photoshoot or simply printing off their favourite photo, it will always be sentimental, personal and heartfelt. The i

Photoshoots 5th December 2019 Creating A Long Awaited Fine Art Equine Portrait

This year I was commissioned to create a fine art equine portrait of dressage mare, Dita. Her owner wanted just one particularly special portrait to display in her home. Considering such a simple request, it felt like the universe didn’t want it to happen!

Photoshoots Promotions 28th February 2019 Personal Equine Photoshoots That Capture Only Your Horse
Being in front of the camera is definitely not a comfortable place for a lot of people. For those that are cripplingly camera shy you'll be pleased to know that with my personal photoshoots, you don't have to be. My favourite photo sessions to date have been this type of portraiture, finding the spirit in ...
Photoshoots 5th January 2019 Equine Portraiture: Finding Beauty In Simplicity with Maisie & Harry in Alkham Valley
My photographic style is undoubtedly influenced by natures beauty and i’m often compelled to incorporate the stunning scenery that mother nature has on offer. However it’s not just the typical picturesque panoramas and well dressed stables that make for a beautiful location. A big factor in how we perceive scenery has an awful lot to ...