Commemorative Photoshoots: Farewell Old Friend

by Lotte Simons
15th May 2018

There are two aspects to photography which are my main driving factors for pursuing this career.
The first being that I love to create beautiful images, this is my art, my passion and I get a real buzz from nailing a shot and successfully capturing the way in which I see horses so that I might share my perspective with others.

The second is that photography can be very personal and powerfully evocative. It can bring people great joy, subtle nostalgic waves and can also offer closure and a way of healing after loss. To these ends I have always used my photography as the one thing I can do for people when I had nothing else to give. Whilst a photo may not solve the problem I find it often offers some amount of comfort for people.

“Family isn’t always blood. Nor is it even always human”


We face nothing more difficult in life than losing the ones we love, whether the difficult choice has been made to part ways or a life has been released, there is nothing easy about saying goodbye. I am always conscientious not to jump to the cliches because no words will ever be enough during a time of loss. Photographs, however, are an empathetic way to connect with people. They have a beautiful ability of landing you right back in a moment, they are mental time machines that not only allow you to reminisce visually but also help you recount other sensory cues. Soft muzzles on your fingertips, warm breath on your face, their gentle nicker like music to your ears and the smell of horse sweat mixed with show sheen!

Whilst the horses that have left us can never be brought back, we can be taken back to them time and again through photography. So when the sweet nostalgia becomes too much to bear, hold your photos close, smile through those tears and relish in being in their company again.

Courage, dear heart.




“Anyone who is looking for a photo shoot with their horse; I highly recommend Lotte…. I’m so pleased I chose her for such a special shoot. She captured every moment perfectly and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all the images of me and my very own unicorn pony who I miss dearly!”

-Georgia & Trabane




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