Monday 1st June 2020

Following relaxed lockdown measures I am thrilled to now be able to conduct photoshoots with clients that are comfortable and ready to do so. I will be following the social distancing measures as laid out on 18th March, detailed at the bottom of this page.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Whilst I have already ensured not to arrange photoshoots for the next few weeks I would like to openly state that I will not be arranging any bookings during this period whilst we all do our part with social distancing and isolation to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

As a self employed freelancer, I really share everyone’s concerns for the long term financial implications this will have to individuals, the equine industry and the country as a whole so I hope we can all support each other wherever and however possible.

📷 Please keep in mind that I AM still taking bookings, arranged for later in the year or appointed to a Gift Voucher which is valid for 1 year so you can arrange your photoshoot when things start to resemble normality again.

🖼 If there are any past events that you did not order photos from and intended to, now would be a fantastic time to do so! I’ll be offering a discount on these galleries. Let me know the event and i’ll get it back online for you to browse your images.

🖥🧙‍♂️I’m also available for retouching jobs if you have any photos that you’d like working over with a bit of photoshop witchcraft. I’m well practised in the dark arts of Adobe and i’m sure I can help.

I am absolutely gutted not to be out photographing foals among flowers just as Spring starts to show its beautiful colours but if we all keep ourselves safe and follow the advice I am sure we can all get back out to enjoy it soon! Hoping everyone is safe, happy and healthy at this time and I look forward to getting out and meeting all your beautiful horses before too long again!

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Although everything is very uncertain at the moment, please note I will be conducting photoshoots as normal unless government advice changes and it becomes necessary to completely suspend photo sessions.

I will be implementing extra measures to reduce interaction and social contact during photoshoots in order to help safeguard clients.

1️⃣ I will respectfully refrain from shaking hands upon arrival
2️⃣ Photo halters will not be used during photoshoots until further notice.
3️⃣ I will not be holding horses, assisting in preparations or touching anything on site other than my own photo equipment.
4️⃣ Please make sure your horse is ready upon my arrival and you have assistance from someone you are already otherwise in contact with.
5️⃣ I will not share previews on the back of the camera, clients will need to wait for their proof images to be posted online.
6️⃣ Whilst I always appreciate the hospitality, I will decline all refreshments during or after a photoshoot and head home immediately once the session is complete.
7️⃣ Printing consultations will be conducted via video call until further notice.
8️⃣ Waivers will now be filled in digitally and must be completed prior to your photoshoot.
9️⃣ If you feel in anyway unwell or presenting with a cough or fever please cancel your booking. You can either postpone your session to a later date or opt for a full refund.

I encourage all client’s to follow Government advice and minimise social interactions. Please do not include anyone in your photoshoot in any capacity that you are not already required to be in contact with.