Creating A Long Awaited Fine Art Equine Portrait

by Lotte Simons
5th December 2019

Dita’s Special Fine Art Equine Portrait

This year I was commissioned to create a fine art equine portrait of dressage mare, Dita. Her owner wanted just one particularly special portrait to display in her home. Considering such a simple request, it felt like the universe didn’t want it to happen! Originally the photoshoot was postponed for a year due to a back injury. Having finally booked a date, a hospital appointment was rescheduled to the same day. It didn’t ease up after the photoshoot either. The fine art paper was lost in the post and tech trouble caused delays to collection from the framer. However, I am proud to say that Dita was absolutely worth the wait.

My studio packages already include a 12×18 fine art print, but my client was thinking bigger. She opted to have a second image produced as a 20×30″ print, in which Dita so closely resembles her dam it’s as though the photo captures them both.

Following a consultation with Arteliers, the images were paired with a Hahnemüle 100% cotton art paper to best enhance the photos. It breathed life and soul back into Dita which could have so easily been lost in the transition from screen to paper.

My client also opted to have the prints framed professionally. This provided a rare opportunity to see the work all the way through to completion. Delivering just digital photos always leaves a job feeling half done. Guided by Edge Bespoke Picture Framing, we opted for a thin black aluminium frame which subtly picks up the leatherwork of the bridle and a black core mount. The goal is always to compliment the image without detracting from it, which this combination achieves perfectly.

The Best Is Worth Waiting For

Thanks to the craftsmanship of both Arteliers and Edge, the final piece is stunning. It’s a real testament to the expertise and care put into creating it. We were all so invested in it’s production and i’ll admit I was sad to let it go! I may even have to produce a copy for myself one day. However, the joy of delivering this to Dita’s owner was worth so much more to me than owning it could ever be.

A real highlight was how much she preferred the photo “in real life”. Printed on quality art paper, beautifully presented and now sitting in her front room. I am so grateful I was the photographer trusted with capturing Dita’s portraits and even more so for the opportunity to turn one of my images into a large piece of art.

Interested In Booking A Fine Art Photoshoot?

If you would like to commission your own fine art equine portraits, more information can be found on my services page with further examples available in my studio portfolio. Please contact me for more details and to arrange a photoshoot.


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