How To Decide Which Camera To Buy

by Lotte Simons
1st April 2020
Photo Courtesy of Equigeniek | FEI European Championships for Ponies 2018 at Bishop Burton

“Which Camera Do you Use?”

I feel a collective sigh and eye roll every time a photographer hears that question. I’d first like to address that this response is not to be rude. It’s because the phrasing suggests our skill and talent is hinged on the tools we are using. It reinforces the notion that the quality of our work can be attributed to the camera and not to us and the dedication we’ve put in to mastering our craft.

“Which Camera Should I Buy?”

I recently considered where the question really stems from. I think it comes from a place of learning and wanting to expand knowledge as a consumer of photography and cameras. After all if the professional equine photographer is using X, Y and Z then that must be the best gear for photography horses, right? All learned behaviour is copycat, so seeing what other people are using and bearing this in mind when trying to decide which camera to buy helps inform that purchase.

Choosing a camera is all about the right tool for the job. When someone asks me which camera I think they should get, my response is “Well what are you going to be photographing?” What is the most important aspect of the job you need that camera to perform well at? There are so many variable factors as to which camera is the best FOR YOU that i’ve listed a few in the hope they can lead you to your own conclusions.

Questions To Ask Yourself

What are you photographing?
Do you need faster shutter speeds and more frames per second?
Do you need something that performs well in low lighting?
Are you a pro or a hobbyist?
Is this a long term investment that will pay itself off?
What’s the output of your images?
Do you require large file outputs for big print displays?
Have you got the digital storage space for big files?
What can you actually afford?
Do you travel a lot with your camera and need something lightweight?
Do you also want the ability to film video?
Which lenses do you already have to use with it?
If you’re considering an FX camera, have you got compatible lenses or will you need to invest in those too?

You’ll probably find you have to compromise and perhaps your ideal camera doesn’t exist as a single model yet. There’s a reason we photographers have multiple cameras! But I hope this guide helps you to decide which camera to buy next time you’re in the market for one.


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