Introducing My New Packages for 2020

by Lotte Simons
10th March 2020

New Packages, Same Passion for Quality

I’m really excited to launch new photography packages for 2020 that better reflect my values and offer more support to clients when it comes to printing their photos.

What I absolutely adore about my job is the opportunity to share my passion for the creative process with other people and involve my clients from the moment the image is taken to having it displayed in their home. Private proof galleries give you the chance to select your favourite photos that you wish to keep and want me to turn into beautiful prints.

A More Involved Process for Clients

New photography packages for 2020 will now offer a 30 minute printing consultation to walk you through printing and personalisation options with guidance on choosing the right product for you. There are lots of considerations when it comes to producing a tangible piece of work; from materials that best suits the photo, the environment in which it’s being displayed, how you enjoy viewing your images and personal style preferences. Rest assured no matter which option you choose I have carefully selected a product range from suppliers that I trust to offer the highest quality standards to curate captivating photographs that remain in your home for a lifetime.

Use the button below for more information on my new packages and decide which is the best fit for you. If you’re ready to book or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the links below or the dedicated contact form.


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