Personal Equine Photoshoots That Capture Only Your Horse

by Lotte Simons
28th February 2019

Being in front of the camera is definitely not a comfortable place for a lot of people. For those that are cripplingly camera shy you’ll be pleased to know that with my personal photoshoots, you don’t have to be.

My favourite photo sessions to date have been this type of portraiture, finding the spirit in the horse, working creatively to elicit the beauty and emotion from each equine and stir that deep rooted connection we have with our horses. There are also definite benefits to staying behind the camera as part of my creative team. When the pressure to model and handle your horse is removed, it allows your own creativity to flow more freely and I find clients really start to get involved in the photographic process.

“Fun evening spent with Lotte getting some fabulous shots of Nelson. Lotte is a true perfectionist and went to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot! We worked hard running, jumping, flinging courgettes and waving buckets to get that perfect blue steel pose!”

Infact this photoshoot, featuring Nelson, was quite possibly one of the most entertaining client shoots I have had to date. There was so much laughter thanks to the belief of Nelson’s owner and their yard manager in my vision and their willingness to do what it took to achieve it, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. From hiding in bushes to throwing courgettes, these ladies were game and it’s made it one of my most memorable photoshoots of 2018.

I would hate for anyone to think an equine photoshoot isn’t for them because they’re camera shy. Horse only portrait sessions are a fantastic way to experience a photoshoot, create new memories with your horse and most importantly create beautiful images for you to keep.

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