Points To Consider For Your Summer Equine Photoshoot

by Lotte Simons
12th June 2019

There are a few good reasons I get far more bookings for photoshoots in the summer than any other time of year. From better weather conditions to the preference for the lovely sheen in a horses coat. Whilst summer photoshoots can make our lives easier in many ways, there are a few considerations to take into account. Although there are more daylight hours to work with, I actually prefer to photograph during early morning or evening. This is due to a number of factors, though it is primarily a creative decision there are also a few practical reasons.


Better Lighting Conditions

Most people are aware of the golden hour right before sunset, when the landscape is cast in gorgeous golden hues and warm tones. There is also a morning version of this. Known as blue hour, this occurs at twilight when the light is dominated by wavelengths of blue light creating cooler tones in our images. The lower position of the sun during these times also creates much longer visible shadows, adding depth to the images. When the sun is directly overhead there is less definition between the shadows and highlights which can cause very flat photographs.


Avoiding The Heat

Whilst scorching temperatures aren’t a consistent problem here in the UK it can become uncomfortably warm during the summer months. Being out in the sun when daytime temperatures peak can be exhausting for both humans and horses. When we get hot and bothered, we often become irritable and stressed meaning tempers can quickly fray with the horses. I find it best to photograph when it’s a little cooler, everyone has more energy, feels more relaxed and can better focus on the task at hand. This creates a far more enjoyable experience for all involved plus we avoid capturing unflattering portraits of bright red sweaty faces!


Irritating Insects

Keeping the horse comfortable during shoots is a primary objective and avoiding the hottest part of the day also reduces the number of flies bothering your horse. Though to ease to irritation I would also advice using adequate amounts of fly spray whatever time we are photographing and bug repellent for yourself as well!

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