Professional Horse Photography in Kent

by Lotte Simons
26th March 2021

A Perfect Backdrop For Beautiful Equine Photos

The only thing that can improve a landscape, is a horse. With professional horse photography in Kent and the beautiful scenery it has to offer, there’s no need to keep your equine photoshoot at the yard. I’ve seen enough “five bar gate photos” to last me a lifetime.

It’s not called The Garden Of England for nothing. From ancient woodland, rolling green hills, award winning beaches, infamous white cliffs and productive orchards there is such variety around the county. We are lucky enough to call it home.

Cultivated Country Estates

It’s not just natural beauty, there are numerous estates located in Kent with stunning grounds and historical architecture. A few of these are happy to permit equine access for photoshoots. The National Trust will allow horses to most of their properties, excluding those with deer.* Although hiring private estates comes with a location fee, the result is truly unique portraits of your horse.

Gaining Access For Your Horses Photoshoot

I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph at a number of gorgeous locations around Kent. Including Botany Bay, in bluebell woods and a unique opportunity to walk a shetland around part of the gardens at Groombridge Place.

No matter whether it’s open countryside or private gardens, we need to make sure we have a right of access. Either as a public right of way or with express permission from the land/property owner. Abide by all regulations and restrictions that apply to horses and commercial production.

For example, horses on the beach is restricted to specific hours during the summer months and some locations require a permit from the local authority for photography and film production.
If you’re taking your horse out into a public space, make sure you’ve got public liability insurance. If your horse happens to cause an accident.


More To Your Shoot

Whether you’re after the rugged aesthetic of mother nature or a polished formal garden, there’s so much potential for creating beautiful equine photography when we just step off the yard.


*information provided by National Trust Filming & Locations Office 2018, conditions may have changed since

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