Stud card & Sales Photos: The Benefits of hiring a professional photographer

by Lotte Simons
22nd March 2019

In a recent article I outlined 5 simple tips to improve your equine sales photos which are great to keep in mind when taking your own images. However, if you are a professional equestrian in the business of breeding or selling horses, it may be worth thinking about hiring a professional photographer for your advertising and marketing efforts.

The role of photography in advertising is to make a product desirable and appealing to potential customers. A professional photographer plays their part by implementing their skills and expertise to present the product to its full potential. Now it seems a little crass to be referring to a horse as a product when it is a living breathing animal but purely in business terms you are selling a product, either the horse itself or it’s genetics, and the same principles of advertising apply, you want the photography to project as appealing a prospect as possible. So how could it be helpful to contract a professional photographer?


Expertise and Skillsets

A professional photographer is going to have a much greater understanding of light and composition and the skillset to utilise these to show your horse at its absolute best. This will give your images that much needed je ne sais quoi that you may not be able to achieve on your own.

The main problem with a poorly executed photo is that it can misrepresent the horse, potentially creating an illusion of faulty conformation and condition. By hiring a professional you can bypass this issue, a photographer will know how best to pose and light each horse to draw the viewers attention to all its attractive features and create a true representation of your horse.

Photography holds the power to make an exceptional horse look average or an average horse look exceptional.


Superior Image Quality

If you are posting sub standard photos it is not going to project the calibre of your business or your horses.
Commercial cameras and even phones have evolved massively in the last few years and are able to produce pretty decent photos but there is more to image quality than simply the number of megapixels. Knowing how to utilise a camera and make the most of a piece of kit is what makes the difference between an average photo and a great one. Everything from correct focus and exposure to the file type the photo is being saved as, a photographer knows their kit better than anyone and how to get the most from it.

Additionally, using post processing software a professional also has the ability to refine the photo in post production  enhancing the image to give it a little more pop.


Improve Your Social Media Efforts

The impact of social media on a business is undeniable and users will always interact with engaging content. The great thing about the equestrian community is that at the center of it all, we all just love beautiful horses! If you are putting out great equine photos people are likely to interact with your posts which in turn is going to help increase your reach and widen your potential audience.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.   (Source)
Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.   (Source)

Even if there is just one great shot that is shared 3x as much as anything you’ve previously posted it could widen your audience to reach that one crucial client.


Professional Photography is an Investment

When making the decision on whether or not a professional photographer would benefit you, remember to view it as an investment in your business. If you are trying to improve your brand, good photography will make a huge difference in raising the perceived worth of your business.

More specifically for stud card images, when done well they should only need taking once in that stallions lifetime (excluding a change in appearance) so although professional fees may put you off at first, it may be what you need to boost your horses profile and public appeal. In which case, the cost of hiring a professional could be recovered within one covering depending on the class of your stallion.


If you are considering booking a photoshoot or would like to know more on how professional photography could benefit your business, please get in touch using the button below or email [email protected]



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