The Gift Of Photography

by Lotte Simons
18th November 2020

Helping a client say a special Christmas thank you with the gift of photography

I truly believe photography is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can provide for someone. Whether booking a professional photoshoot or simply printing off their favourite photo, it will always be sentimental, personal and heartfelt. The importance and value of photography has been especially apparent to me this year.

For Instance, during lockdown, social media filled with posts encouraging people to share their favourite photos to spread positivity. Photography offered us escapism and connection whilst bringing us closer during a time we’d never been further apart. Certainly, it can soothe us, heal us, connect us and THAT, is truly a gift.

A daughter’s gratitude for her father

In 2018 I ran a Christmas giveaway on my Facebook page to win a photoshoot on behalf of someone else. People were invited to nominate one person who’d gone above and beyond for them and explain why they wanted to provide them with this extra gift. Ultimately, it became the most heartwarming thread with beautiful stories of friendship, overcoming adversity and an outpouring of gratitude. Following the closing date I shared the most touching nominations with close friends and family to help choose the recipient.

“I would love to nominate my Dad. No matter what’s thrown at him, he’ll turn his hand to anything. He’s stood at shows in the pouring rain, always supported and encouraged me even when times have been tough, and at almost 65 he still continues to maintain the fields, fencing, stables etc himself. I recently had a baby so I’ve been unable to go to the yard but without fail my Dad’s been there twice a day, everyday (recently all day) to look after our 3 horses … He had a bad fall whilst hacking two years ago which resulted in several bleeds on the brain, hospitalised and not being allowed to drive for 6 months but despite this he’s still as enthusiastic as ever. I really can’t thank him enough and this would be a wonderful opportunity to show him how truly grateful I am …. He’s a one in a million Dad!” – Gaea

I’ve always used the gift of photography to show my appreciation and gratitude to others. Ultimately, it’s a skillset I’m able to share and it was an honour helping Gaea say thank you to her Dad. I’m enormously grateful they shared their story with me and it was truly a pleasure undertaking this special photoshoot.

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