Why I Think a Photoshoot is a Great Gift Idea

by Lotte Simons
22nd March 2019

Finding someone the right gift for any occasion can be a daunting task. If you are like me, it is a long and thought out process to develop a great gift idea. Ultimately I believe I would rather get them nothing at all than something meaningless for the sake of the occasion.
Perhaps this is due to my own experiences when receiving presents; whilst of course I am always grateful, I often find i’ve been given something I simply don’t use and would rather the person had put their money towards something for themselves.
Ofcourse a gift hunt can be made easier or harder by who you are buying for but there are three criteria I tend to stick to:

  1. Will they use it?
  2. Does this add value to their life?
  3. Would they buy it for themselves?

I suppose it could be classed as a fourth criteria but just on a personal note, I highly value experiences above all else. A great life is made up of great moments, not great stuff. I would always rather give something really cool to get involved with.

Why Does A Photoshoot Make A Great Gift?

When you book a photoshoot you are not just paying for a means to an end, the process of creating images is a lot fun! As a photographer what I want to do is infect my clients with my passion and bring more to their experience than just the final result. I am yet to meet anyone that hasn’t been excited to be involved with a photoshoot, either as the recipient or by lending a hand behind the scenes.
However, professional photography is not a necessity for most people and we are always far more able to buy “luxury” ideas for other people than to treat ourselves to it. I definitely have this mindset when it comes to giving, there are lots of things I would not spend out on myself for but I wouldn’t batt an eyelid giving it to someone I love.

I think the reason photography is such a successful gift idea is due to its sentimental nature. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t delight in revisiting memories through their photographs. It has a way of taking you back in time to reawaken dormant emotions. To relive a moment you cherish, reunite with a person you love and reminisce how things once were. In creating and keeping photographs we have in essence developed a direct route back to pinpoint moments in our lives.

Ofcourse whilst I have been emphasizing the importance of viewing a photoshoot as a whole package deal, we also need to remember that the end images are ultimately a key part to making this a great gift. Who doesn’t enjoy having beautiful images around their home and the fact that they are of your beloved horse and so personal to you is even better. It sparks conversation with guests and telling the back story of how it was created becomes a memory in itself.

“Would love to thank Lotte Simons for my fantastic photoshoot of me and my horse. She was amazing to work with and took some outstanding pictures. I was lucky enough to get a gift voucher from a friend to have the amazing session…honestly everyone, get someone who you think would love a photography session. Please by a gift voucher for a Christmas present or even a birthday, so worth the money and the time. Will definitely be using Lotte again in the near future” -Amber Hodgins

I have shot numerous projects over the years as gift ideas for my clients loved ones and at times even fall back on it myself as a way of giving something of value. I can safely say a photoshoot will not let you down as a gift idea as from my experience it is always so greatly appreciated. It is such a simple but thoughtful present that is bound to be well received.

If you are interested in buying a gift voucher or booking a photoshoot on behalf of someone I would love to hear from you. Get in touch via the contact page or email [email protected]

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